I am deeply thinking about starting to post in English here.

Although I may not have the best skills to do so, and the posts will have some more delay - and more typos - I'm still very inclined to embrace the wider audience this might bring to the blog. There are not much portuguese speaking geeks hanging around there that have similar views about programming languages (specially ML or Haskell variants), that want to research in the same fields or have the same topics of interest that I do, and there is even less geeks that want to exchange information about personal experiences in the area.

It's not very rewarding to open up this page every day and see little (or no) feedback. So, from now on, I will bring some posts translated into English, in an attempt to check if it's worth the effort. Some portuguese posts might still appear in a near future, but that's far from clear right now.

Viewers are welcome to leave comments.

See ya!


At 5/2/07 22:38, Blogger Fernando S. Trevisan said...

Yeah, great to see you writing in English AND about technology, Leo!
Now I've got your feed ;D
[ ]'s!

At 5/7/07 03:00, Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...


Now I am really impressed! For a 2nd language, your English is fine.

Your technology leaves this old man
in the dust...far behind. This old
Windows 95 was a gift in 2001. My first computer; it's now a W-98. I learned to use it to eMail jokes, and an old friend said, "You need a
Blog!" He set up the Template, and
I began "Snake Hunters" on Jan 5, 2006 with "Our Goals" post.

My interests are History, Religion,
and our two major political parties. Blogging forces me to focus. I worry about the world, and
how the other nations view our struggles with International Affairs. Some believe we wish to steal OIL. OPEC sells Oil. Buying it is much, Much Cheaper Than War!
Sorry, I talk too much! Come back to "Anniversary 9/11" Post when you have the time.

Your amigo, reb



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